Appeal from the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine

Appeal from the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine
1 Березня 2022
Друкувати цю новину

Kyiv, March 1, 2022 

Today we are seeing children and women dying in Ukraine; the Russian army is killing our sons, daughters and husbands; they are destroying our cities. 

The Russian Federation is carrying out hostilities on the territory of our State, in violation of all the principles of international humanitarian law and using methods of warfare that are also prohibited by international humanitarian law. 

Every day Russian troops are deliberately firing at residential districts in our cities; women and children have to spend several days in a row in air-raid shelters; the captured cities and towns are struggling due to the lack of water, food and medicines. The invaders prevent civilians, including people with disabilities, from leaving their towns \and cities, and use them as human shields: they place military vehicles and equipment next to civilian buildings and people’s’ houses. 

Over many years people with disabilities from different countries have stood together to fight for their rights. Disabled people’s organizations have huge experience in upholding those rights. 

Today in Ukraine, people with disabilities and disabled people’s organizations are helping our State and are standing shoulder to shoulder with our defenders. Everyone is trying to help as best they can: by cooking meals, working as dispatchers, delivering medicines, helping in hospitals, offering shelter to displaced people within the country, joining territorial civilian defence forces, or making Molotov cocktails. Yesterday we received information that a son, father and husband was killed near Kiev when defending his family, his home. He used a wheelchair but also joined the defence forces. Our world-famous paralympic athletes took up arms. We are united. 

We call upon you, representatives of disabled people’s organizations in different countries, to support us in our fight for peace. We want peace!

We are asking you to be our voice in your countries. 

You represent different organizations, including those for former soldiers, peacekeepers, war veterans. You will know better than anyone else about the horrors brought about by war.  

Putin and his cabinet must be condemned for wiping out civilian populations, our cities, towns and villages, and for examples of brutality committed under their orders. Today the fate of all countries is at stake. 

Support us, spread the truth in your countries, urge your governments to act, because, sadly, some countries still have not decided to help Ukraine. 

Help to defend peace in our country. 

National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine